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With the arrival of some of the National Lidar Program Data (From the Environment Agency Geomatics group) we have been able to produce a number of high quality Lidar Images of the Castleshaw Valley (and, Indeed the Piethorne Valley to the north).
Mytholm Mill  Mytholm(e) mill is a derelict Fulling Mill in Saddleworth between Dobcross and Uppermill.
The Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts performed an excavation there in
April 2017.
Read all about it here in Our Blog

and here is our 3D Photogrammetry model
Lindley Moor, Excavated road Observations/Excavations on the Roman Road (M712) at Lindley Moor, north east of Slack Roman fort
Grid Reference Finder.

Another Useful Grid reference finder / Plotter.
Can be used to locate Grid references (either entered onto the screen or read in from a file) and plot them onto a Google map.
The map can also be clicked to provide gridreferences of features.

(2017 - Note: Google maps have restricted their use of the maps interface and maps now only appear in low quality 'development mode')
Epiacum Lidar Epiacum Roman Fort Lidar Images

Epiacum 3d Lidar Model

Assorted 3D Lidar models of Roman Sites.
Lindisfarne Lidar Lindisfarne Lidar Images

Greater Manchester Archaeology Festival

Event organised by The Friends of Castleshaw Roman Forts for SATURDAY 24TH JUNE 2017.

If you attended this event and would like to see the results of the Geophysical survey around the East Gate of the fort, please click here.

Bloomery (Iron Furnace)    (Grid Ref SD 999 103)


At the north east corner of the Castleshaw upper reservoir (map) There was a test pitting exercise with a laser scan survey, earthwork survey and geophysical survey (the latter at a later day).

The aim was to record and understand a series of depressions and mounds that are adjacent to the medieval iron smelting furnaces (Bloomery) excavated in 1993. (See the reports)


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